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Lohja Art School for Children and Young People is an art school for children and young people from 4 to 20 years of age. The school offers a wide range of systematically progressing studies in visual arts. Started with 83 students 1985 the school now has some 300 students in annual program. Application round is in April.


Lohja Art School for Children and Young People

Lohja Art School for Children and Young People is administrated by supporter’s association. The state and the City of Lohja are the supporters of the school. Other financial support consists of tuition fees paid by parents, different grants and allowances, welfare activities, and the selling of self-designed products.


Why to study at Lohja Art School for Children and Young People

Art schools for Children and Young People provide versatile art education that supports personal development and growth of the child. The studies strengthen, accomplish, and expand the art education the art education given in public schools and kindergartens. The purpose is not to school future artists, but it better offers a possibility to understand art, to appreciate it, to love it and make it an essential part of one’s everyday life.


How to become a student?

Every child develops the interests and skills in visual arts in very different ways and at different age. The school is open to children interested in art and visual expression in any phase. The children can enter the school by filling out and application sheet around the year. The annual intake for following school year is in April. Once accepted, a student can continue the studies until reaches the age of 20 years.


Teaching outline

Students study in groups according to their age. The studies are divided into preparatory studies, basic studies, and advanced studies. Preparatory studies are for students until 6 years old. Basic education is planned for students of 7-12 years of age and advanced studies for students 12-20 years of age. Classes are held between 14.00-20.00 in afternoons and evenings on weekdays. The school year is 34 weeks. A group consists of 8-14 students.

School provides professional materials, equipment, and facilities to all its students. The main emphasis is on studio work, which allows the child to learn actively working on his/her own art.

The studies are based on the Study Plan that covers all the different courses on a yearly basis. Every class as well as the next year’s studies is based on the things learned before. When finishing the studies a student obtains the certification and the record of studies at Lohja Art School for Children and Young People.

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Lojo bildkonstskola ger undervisning i bildkonst åt 4 - 20 -åringar. Studierna baserar på lagen om grundundervisning i konst. Ansökning i april.


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